Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Calder's 1 month

Calder Has had a busy month. With Everything that happened at the hospital and All the doctors appointments he has been to. Its finally nice that it has settled down a bit by the end of the month. We had a check-up appointment in Vancouver Dec. 1st. The Cardiologist was super happy with his progress. Calder has no complications from his surgery and is thriving The Cardiologist says that he is fixed with no further foreseeable complications. It was the most expensive check-up but it was so worth it so reassuring to have him looked at. Tayson and Kinley are pretty obsessed with him.They loved help feed him with his bottle and just want to hold him and kiss him all the time. There is no jealousy which we are so grateful for. I think even they know we are just lucky to have him. He is getting noticeably stronger EVERYDAY. Gramma came to PG to visit and meet him for the first time. He is nursing so well and is off the bottle feeding completely after the first week of being at home. He is a pretty fussy baby and loves to be held. He's fussiest time is between 9-10pm. He is a good nighttime sleeper. He only gets up once or twice a night. He is doing regular baby things now. Sleep, Eat and poop which is such a WONDERFUL thing. He is still pretty sleepy. He is gaining weight really well. He has deep dark blue eyes. We are all just so in awe of him daily.  At the very end of his 1st month he started smiling! So sweet!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kinley's 2nd Birthday

Kinley's 2.

For Kinley's birthday we did some fun Fall games with the Silvers. Bobbing for apples, candy apple decorating and getting donuts of a string.

Kinley is so smart, she can count sort of.... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,14,16 and knows some of her colours. She loves to sing. She loves monkeys on the bed and baby finger. She loves to play on the swing and jumping on the trampoline. She is super spunky. She is the funniest girl one minute and then has a total melt down the next. She can easily get out of a bad mood. She is super funny, She loves her Dada and loves playing with peoples ears especially when she is tired. She will also pinch you neck to help her fall asleep. She loves her playing with her Babies, reading books and colouring. She loves to watching baby videos on Youtube. She has an amazing sense of humor. She doesn't like to preform her "Tricks" for anyone and if she notices that you are watching she gets embarrassed and stops. She loves her baby Calder and wants to hold him all the time. Whenever he cries she tells us, "Get em". She loves to dance and wiggle. She loves to be tickled and cuddled. She barely sleeps in her own bed these days. Since Calder was born she will come into our bed in the middle of the night. She is a terrible sleeper. She is super social and loves playing with other kids. She loves Chocolate and Candy, popcorn, and watermelon. She is generally a happy girl. She LOVES her cousins. She has an extra special attachment to Dryden. She will often ask us to, "Go see cousins"and "Wheres Dryden?" are phrases I hear everyday. She is such a little mama. She rocks her baby dolls  and is mostly gentle with them. Unless she is putting them in Time-Out! When she is naughty she will say, "I go to time-out" and puts herself in time-out even when we wouldn't have.  She sleeps in a big girl bed and loves her soothers. She is very good at playing on her own and has a great imagination. She definitely has her own mind and will tell you exactly what she wants. She has an amazing vocabulary for such a little girl... Almost too good!

We love you Kinley Girl. We are glad you keep all of us laughing and on our toes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ronald McDonald House

So we were lucky enough to be able to switch from the Easter Seals to the Ronald McDonald house. We were very grateful for both but the Ronald McDonald house is so much newer and nicer. It had Family Dinners provided by people in the community 3 times a week. There were activities always going on. They had amazing kitchen and I can't say enough about how awesome everything was. It was so nice to be there with Calder. We had to wait at the Ronald McDonald for one week for the last doctors appointment to get Calders stitches out. It was so clean and new.  We even ventured out of the house after a few days. Both Gary and I needed to just go out and feel a bit normal for awhile.

Ok I'm just going to gush about how amazing Gary is so forgive me...  Gary was so awesome through this whole thing. Gary is AMAZINGLY strong, calm and reassuring. My mind lets me wonder to worst case scenarios but Gary just kept telling me not to even let myself think those things. He took care of all the background things so I could just deal with what was going on. He kept saying to me, "We will do whatever it takes... If we have to move to Vancouver and if I have to quit my job.. that's just what we will do!" To know all the hard work Gary has put into his job and that  we had just bought the house  and everything else he was ready to just walk away from it all... and he said it without any hesitation. He was able to get me laughing and in a good place even when everything else was a disaster. He is an amazing Dad and Husband. After 10 years of being a couple and 8 years of marriage you think that you love your spouse about the most that you possibly can. Well nope... I feel like I love him so much more.

We decided that Gary should go home to be with Tayson and Kinley. As soon as we got to the Ronald McDonald house we both just wanted to get home as fast as we could. All the family in PG were telling us that Kinley and Tayson were doing great but both Gary and I felt that Gary should go home early and be with them as soon as possible. So after our Thursday check-up with the Dr Gandhi

where he said everything was good and that the stitches would come out Monday. Gary took the next flight back home.

Of course that night Calder started to do some weird breath holding. I debated whether or not to go to the emergency room and then concluded better safe then sorry. By the time the Emergency doctor came to see him it had been 2hours of waiting and Calder seemed completely fine. Of course they all said they were glad that I came in but I felt a bit ridiculous. I don't regret taking him though.

The next few days were a lot of sitting around and waiting. Then Monday the stitches came out and we were out of there by 11am. After that I was super anxious to get home so I packed up at the Ronald McDonald house and then waited at the airport to see if I could jump on either the 12:00 flight or the 3:00 flight. The 12:00 was all booked up but I did manage to get the last seat on the 3:00 flight! I was SO Happy! After 16 days of being away from Tayson and Kinley when I saw them waiting in the airport for me I could have exploded with joy! They were so excited to see us (Its always my favourite moment when siblings meet their newest brother or sister for the first time).

After that It finally felt normal and we were finally all home together as a family.